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Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by 1964white »

9 ratings

7.3 66.0 Llorente :star:
6.9 62.5 Cooper
6.8 61.0 Raphinha
6.5 58.5 Meslier
6.4 57.5 Dallas
6.2 55.5 Ayling
5.9 53.5 Klich
5.6 45.5 Harrison (sub 8 ratings)
5.5 44.0 Hernandez (sub 8 ratings)
5.2 46.5 Bamford
4.6 41.5Struijk
4.5 40.5 Alioski (sub)
4.4 39.5 Roberts
4.3 39.0 Costa
Ron Swanson
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by Ron Swanson »

Meslier - 6

Not at fault for the goal, little else to do

Ayling - 6

Tried hard, little came off

Dallas - 5

His weakest showing for a while, never got going

Cooper - 6

Little to do

Llorente - 7

Same as Cooper, but played some good passes

Struijk - 3

Just stop this f**king nonsense now

Klich - 5

Drifted in and out of the game

Roberts - 0

League one at best

Raphinha - 8

A tall poppy in a field of shrinking violets

Costa - 4

Opportunity blown

Bamford - 5

Wasn’t able to get going and had no support from elsewhere


All 5. Not given long enough to make a difference. Another poor game from Bielsa, same as Arsenal.
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by faaip »

Meslier - 7 - A couple of easy saves, not at fault as far as I can tell for the goal
Llorente - 6.5 - Did ok, a point off for that awful bit of cheating
Struijk - 4 - Bad game, probably down to the constant switching
Cooper - 8 - Good game for me, best of our defenders
Klich - 8.5 - MOTM, more so for his first 60 minutes but everyone was poor final 20. Some really clever runs in behind the defence
Roberts - 6.5 - Docked a point for getting frustrated and lashing out but up to then was having a decent game. Looked good in the first half
Dallas - 6 - I lost count of the time he screwed up our attacks first half and like Ayling seemed to like passing straight into touch
Ayling - 6.5 - See above, passing was off today for me
Costa - 4.5 - Shame, had he started on the left I think we'd have seen a different performance
Raphinha - 7.5 - Not at his best, muffed a late chance but wasn't the only one. Seemed to have little chemistry with Dallas which saw attack after attack break down. He and Klich are beginning to work together though
Bamford - 4 - Second consecutive 4 for our striker. Poor today, movement non existent, first touch just nasty
Alioski - 5 - Meh, I mean he can come on and change a game but didn't look likely today
Harrison - 6 - The one cross which Raph should have buried, but ineffective again. Lacking confidence and needs to stick to the left.
Hernandez - 6 - Maybe tried too hard but didn't carry much threat and tried to do it on his own. Love Pablo but needs to forget trying to prove something to MB
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by 1964white »

Meslier 6
A couple of routine saves, not much to do

Ayling 6
Luke losing his hair band going heavy metal was one of the best moments of the game

Llorente 7
Made more ball recoveries than any other player, calm at the back.

Cooper 7
Steady & calm

Dallas 6
Not as composed on the ball as generally is, worked hard as ever

Struijk 4
For gods sake Marcelo, Pascal isn't a DM

Raphinha 6.5
Not at his best, far too reliant on Raph

Klich 5
Where has is game gone?

Roberts 3
I'd personally drive Tyler to whatever championship he wishes to play for!

Costa 2
The real Costa returned, caught napping defensively for the Villa goal

Bamford 5
Very little service, worked his socks off as ever.


Alioski 5
Pointless sub

Harrison 6
With hindsight should have started

Hernandez 6
Should be Rodrigo's deputy when he is unavailable, 15 or 20 minutes here & there is not good enough
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by bremnerboy28 »

Meslier - 6 - didn't have much to do apart from pick ball out of net
Ayling - 5 - not at his best but keep swapping wingers over doesn't help
Llorente - 6 - steady game again but didn't like the cheating, made himself and the club look stupid
Cooper - 7 - average game, looks better with Llorente at his side
Dallas - 5 - another player not at his best tonight
Struijk - 4 - totally lost again, why not put Llorente as DM ?
Costa - 3 - should have gone to Specsavers
Raphinha - 7 - no lack of effort but things didn't come off tonight plus most things around him weren't working either
Klich - 6 - a glimpse of the old Klich at times tonight, a good sign as I think our most influential player when he's at it
Roberts - 3 - didn't see a potential Premier League player tonight yet again
Bamford- 5 - felt sorry for Paddy as he had literally no service whatsoever tonight, still gave his all
Alioski - 2 -how was HE going to change the game ?
Harrison - 5 - not much influence
Hernandez - 5 - was hoping he'd pull one of his bits of magic out of the bag but understandably looks ring rusty
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by Leeds1000 »

Meslier 6: It was a strange game neither keeper having much to do. Could he have come and smothered the ball after the Villa players poor touch? Not sure.

Ayling 6: Wasted the ball alot early on got better in the second half.

Llorente 7: Another solid enough game from our new right sided CB. Was he a step up from Struijk? Too early to tell yet.

Cooper 6: Playing Villa on side for their goal. Poor start but got better has the game wore on.

Dallas 7: Another solid shift in multiple positions for Mr Dependable.

Struijk 4: It doesn't matter how many times we say it.

Raphinha 6: In the tale of too slips he was just a whisker away in the first few minutes. Not excuses for the late header. A bad day at the office for Raphinha is the equivalent of Costa & Roberts playing out of their skins.

Klich 8: Best game by Klich for weeks for me. He linked play well up the field and then controlled the tempo when he dropped deep second half. I just wish he would control the needless petty fouls.

Roberts 4: Despite starting the game well he faded badly. Nearly cost us a breakaway goal with lapse passing, threw himself to the ground on a few occasions and blasted a couple of half chances into the stands, the one he did get on target was straight down the keepers throat. That show of petulance could cost him his place. He's playing for his future at Leeds in the PL and needs to do a lot better. I would rather have Pablo personally but there you go.

Costa 4: Ok ok it was a difficult horrid game to play in, but it matched Costa's performance. Another one playing for his future. I want him to do well if only for his value to increase. No improvement on Jack for me. How did we survive on the wings before Raph arrived?

Bamford 4: A performance in the same bracket as Costa & Roberts. Villa had him in their pocket all game other than the slip.

Alioski 5: Looked lively enough.
Harrison 6: That chip to Raph late on was the highlight of the match from a Leeds perspective.
Hernandez 5: I would have Pablo starting in front of most players in this team.
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by Smudge3920 »

Not a lot to do...and did it well!
Errant passing today, constant swapping of wingers does not help.
Llorente...8 (MotM)
2nd full game and another massive improvement, excellent ball recovery ratio... I agree a tad over play on the tackle, but that scissor tackle around the ankles is one of the worst a player can do to another, the ref allowed him to get away with it.
Steady game.
Always reliable.
Not suited to the position, but accepts the task and gives all.
Always plays at mach 2...3rd game in 8 days caught him up, not at his best.
Well disciplined for 2/3rds of the game, faded fast last 3rd...where are his shooting boots?
Put in a lot, maybe trying to hard.
Wrong wing for me, but looks like he has found his mojo even though not upto his last 2 off the bench appearances.
Heavily marked and pushed around with ref allowing it on more than one occasion... fed very little today... couple of good defensive clearances.
My buddy looked like a headless chicken today... it will be back.
No impact whatsoever.
Have to feel for him...the great ones always feel it the most at the end.
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by Chilli D »

Meslier 6 - Had very little to do. I thought it was odd the way he dived for their goal. Maybe I'm being harsh?
Ayling 6.5 - Some good moments, some not so good.
Llorente 8 - Easily our best defender on the night and the MOTM ratings are evidence of that.
Cooper - 7.5 A good game from Coops, made some telling tackles.
Dallas 7.5 - Here, there and everywhere as usual. Having a really good season.
Raphinha 7 - One stunning run in the first half but probably his quietest game so far. Still looked a threat though.
Struijk 5 - I feel sorry for Pascal. He's been playing well at CB and he gets moved to a position he is obviously not comfortable with
Klich - 6.5 Good first half but faded in the second. But signs he is getting back to his best.
Costa 4.5 - A chance to cement his place in the team and he puts in a poor performance
Roberts 6 - Decent first half but caught in possession too often after the break. Should have scored our best chance.
Bamford 5.5 - Paddy always tries but he just wasn't in it.

Alioski 5
Harrison 5
Hernandez 6
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by LUFC 1966 »

Meslier 7
Ayling 6.5
Llorente 6.5
Cooper 6.5
Dallas 7
Struijk 5
Raphinha 7.5
Klich 6
Roberts 5.5
Costa 4.5
Bamford 6
Alioski 4.5
Harrison 6
Hernandez 6
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Re: Player Ratings v Aston Villa (h)

Post by Fridge »

Meslier 7.5
Ayling 6.5
Llorente 8
Cooper 7
Dallas 7.5
Struijk 6
Raphinha 7
Klich 6.5
Roberts 5
Costa 6
Bamford 6

Alioski 5
Harrison 6.5
Hernandez 6
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