Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

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Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by 1964white »

6.4 45.0 Meslier :star:
5.1 36.0 Ayling
5.1 35.5 Dallas
5.1 36.0 Poveda (sub)
5.0 35.0 Koch
4.9 34.5 Struijk
4.8 33.5 Llorente
4.6 32.5 Roberts
4.4 30.5 Klich
4.4 31.0 Bamford
3.7 26.0 Rodrigo (sub)
3.6 25.0 Harrison
2.4 16.5 Alioski
n/a n/a Hernandez (sub)
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John in Louisiana
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by John in Louisiana »

Meslier - 6 - Not at fault on either goal. A little shaky a couple of other times, but otherwise OK
Ayling - 5 -
Llorente - 5 -
Struijk - 5 -
Alioski - 2 -
Koch - 4 -
Dallas - 5 -
Kich - 4 -
Roberts - 4 -
Harrison - 4 -
Bamford - 5 -
Poveda - 4 -
Rodrigo - 5 -
Hernandez (not applicable)

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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by faaip »

Meslier - 8 - Good game from our #1
Ayling - 6 - Messy game, lots of lost possession
Alioski - 2.5 - Think it's the lowest score I've ever given
Llorente - 4.5 - Some abject defending unfortunately
Struijk - 6 - Better, though to blame for their second
Koch - 7 - Good game I thought considering rust and he played in about three positions
Dallas - 7.5 - Better first half than second, wasted a lot of good positions in the second but nearly scored
Harrison - 5 - Abysmal crossing, unusually poor defending
Klich - 6.5 - Started poor, he was at one point on 4, but improved as the game went on.
Roberts - 8.5 - Lovely range of passing, clever football, no help from Paddy
Bamford - 6 - Quiet, apart from one ball carrying run and pass I have very few notes. Though his movement was poor though

Poveda - 5 - Needs to get his head up, right now he shouldn't really be close tot he first team as there's zero end product, all his touches end up back with the opposition, Summerville is quicker, cleverer and more direct plus has an eye for goal
Rodrigo - 5 - Just looked stale and not yet a striker. Again Geldhert should have come on but I guess we need to see Rodrigo minutes to evaluate
Hernandez - 6 - meh, but due to not enough game time I'd imagine
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by Johnboy1965 »

First time poster- though been following the site for a few months now.
Could have picked a better game to break my duck as the whole team performance was very flat and reminiscent of the Crawley game, anyway here goes:

Meslier - 7 Didn't do a lot wrong unlucky with pen and nothing he could do about their second
Ayling- 5 Looked out of sorts and tried to go forward but with little end product. Even the flops didn't work!
Llorente-5 Average game after a few stellar performances and lucky not to give a goal away with sloppy backpass.
Struijk-5 Should have done better clearing ball before Welbeck scored otherwise did OK
Alioski-3 Put us right on the back foot with stupid challenge to give away the pen. Worked hard but a left back he aint.
Koch -6 Decent game in the Philips role and did ok when moved into defence considering lack of game time.
Dallas- 5 Quiet game from Dallas though had a decent chance with a volley that went just over the bar.
Kich- 4 Still looks a yard off the pace never really got into the game and didn't create much if anything.
Roberts -5 Started well but faded badly. Didn't link up with the midfield and Bamford leaving Paddy isolated.
Harrison- 4 Tried hard but final ball again was a major disappointment.
Bamford-4 Looked lost at times, no service, isolated but didn't try and impose himself on the defence as a good number 9 should.
Poveda -6 Looked lively and always wanted the ball but looked out of his depth physically- easily brushed off the ball and like a headless chicken at times. Got into some good positions but wasted the opportunities.
Rodrigo-4 Never got a kick- looked very rusty. Convinced we signed the wrong Rodrigo.
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by 1964white »

Meslier 6
Nothing he do about the goals.

Ayling 6
Defended well & worked hard.

Llorente 6
Didn't deserved to be subbed.

Struijk 6
At fault for their 2nd goal otherwise defended well

Alioski 1

Koch 4
Nowhere near as disciplined like KP as a defensive midfielder

Dallas 6
Played in two positions but not in his best one in the new midfield role

Klich 4
How did Klich remain on the pitch I have no idea!

Roberts 5
Without Dallas alongside him his form dipped again

Harrison 4
Another lethargic display from Jack

Bamford 4
Absolutely no service from our midfield or wingers


Poveda 5
Too lightweight, clearly not ready yet!

Rodrigo 3
Nowhere near fit enough yet!

Hernandez (not applicable)
Pablo would have produced more than the other attacking subs
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by Leeds1000 »

Worst performance of the season for me.

Meslier 5: Went the right way on the penalty just the pace beat him.
Ayling 5: Got forward more than anyone else.
Llorente 4: Ok nothing more. Not sure about the substitution.
Struijk 4: Should have booted the ball into row z for their second.
Alioski 2: Terrible performance. Loose passing and gave away the penalty.
Koch 5: Tried hard without any real control.
Dallas 4: I thought we had seen the last of Stuart on the wing. Not involved enough.
Kich 4: A couple of intricate passes not much else.
Roberts 2: Not influential enough to play that position.
Harrison 2: Awful contribution.
Bamford 4: Chasing shadows all game so he gets a extra point for that.
Poveda 6: Was the only player to look interested.
Rodrigo 2: Did he tough the ball?
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by Smudge3920 »

A sadly overall poor team performance...

Meslier 7
the remaining who got to play... 4 (each)
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Re: Player Ratings v Brighton (a)

Post by Lumiukko »

Meslier 6: Didn't do much wrong. MOTM for me just because of that.
Ayling 5: Very little came off for him but reasonably steady.
Llorente 5: Did OK. At least he entertains with his Cruyff turns in our own area. Shouldn't have been subbed.
Struijk 4.5: Would have been a 5 but that poor clearance leading to Welbeck's goal marks him down.
Alioski 2: After a run of very good games, Ali had one of his mad moments.
Koch 5: Steady enough stand-in for KP but without the other usual midfield quality, it made the lack of KP even more obvious.
Dallas 4: Worst gamer for a while without doing much wrong. His versatility became his downfall today being played in a RW position that we know he's not good in.
Kich 3: Hardly noticed Klich. Really needed the Klich of old today.
Roberts 4: Tried a few nice passes and touches but drifted out of the game fast and should have been the one subbed, not Bamford.
Harrison 3: Higher than Alioski because at least he did not give a PK away. Why he couldn't beat the first man over and over again was beyond me.
Bamford 4: No service for Bamford and would have liked to see Rodrigo playing in a two with him to offer more support.

Poveda 6: Really tried to make something happen but bumped off the ball easily. Also holds onto the ball too long instead of making the pass. More vision and end product needed.
Rodrigo 3: Did not see much of the ball, but given how poor everyone else around him was, it's unfair to single him out too much.
Hernandez N/A: Not sure he had enough minutes to be rated, but he was hardly goign to make anything happen in that game given how little time he had.
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