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Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by 1964white »


11 ratings

9.1 100.5 Alioski :star:
8.6 94.5 Struijk
8.6 94.5 Koch
8.6 94.5 Dallas
8.4 92.5 Harrison
8.2 90.5 Klich
8.0 88.0 Bamford
8.0 87.5 Meslier
8.0 87.5 Llorente
7.3 80,0 Ayling
7.8 78.0 Raphinha (sub 10 ratings)
7.4 74.5 Rodrigo (sub 10 ratings)
6.5 71.0 Roberts
n/a n/a Phillips (sub - not applicable)
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by faaip »

I'll fill in some comments later but

Player Rankings

Meslier - 8 - At his best when needed
Ayling - 7.5 - Solid all round game
Alioski - 9 - Maybe his best ever game for us, saved our arse a few times in defence and magnificent going forward
Llorente - 6.5 - Poor challenge for their equalizer and Struijk covered for him a couple of times too
Strujik - 8.5 - That one nasty pass or he's headed for a 9
Koch - 9 - Remember most here saying he can't play the Phillip's role WRONG
Klich - 8.5 - Getting back to form, covered every blade some lovely touch passing and probably deserved a goal. Not quite back to his best but starts next week
Dallas - 8 - Look at that, actually can play the right wing, shocker as that's where he started. Good game great predator's goal
Harrison - 8.5 - I did dock him a half point for the two ballooned efforts, maybe mean but up there for MOTM as he was Rio's and the commentators
Roberts - 7.5 - Good game up to the half, seemed to pick up a knock. Put in more running than most today, some clever passing and key in the build up to our second.
Bamford - 7 - Curates egg, poor attempt at going for a header, two runs he went the wrong way on but I liked the way he got across the defender for the goal which carries his score a bit

Raphinha - 8.5 - A class above in terms of on ball skill
Rodrigo - 8 - We're saw flashes of the player he could be ...I think we'll see the best of him next season
Phillips - 6.5 (5 minutes only) - because there was a nice win the ball shrug off the player, turn, run and lay off
21/22 team - Meslier - Ayling - Firpo- Koch - Llorente - Phillips - Dallas - Raphinha - Harrison - Klich - Rodrigo
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by Smudge3920 »

Was a memorable and convincing team performance today by all...Many teams (and managers)would cringe facing a front 3 of Bale, Kane & Son...Very proud of the boys today.
When needed, always there, controlled his box, distribution good only saw one go astray today and it went into touch.
Usual reliable performance from Luke
Solid at both ends
Claiming his position now, a very solid game.
Alioski...9.5 (MotM)
If Dallas is Mr. versatility, then Ali is Mr. Extreme...good or bad , not usually a lot in outstanding.
Proving the doubters wrong, might not be KP in that role but more than capable.
Running out of accolades for Mr. Versatility...again superb game.
More like his old commanding self today, great shift.
IMO excellent 1st half, but last 6 minutes and start of 2nd went right of the boil, sub was the right thing to do by MB.
Bit like Ali, energiser bunny wise, all over today, great shift still struggling with the last second panic at times, gets into the right position then hooves it over...a goal and he could have easily been MotM today.
Paddy at his best today, excellent shift he will be annoyed being subbed as that 3rd goal would have been his 2nd, but again the right tactical sub by MB.
Instant impact on the field, looks like he is over his injury...which is gtreat news.
Picked up where Paddy left off, nice to see him get a goal year IMO big things from Rodrigo
Phillips (not applicable)Not on long enough to grade
but made his mark instantly.
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John in Louisiana
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by John in Louisiana »

Meslier - 8.5 - couple of outstanding saves, excellent distribution, thoroughly in command
Ayling - 7.5 - Bale and Son had a rough day chasing Ayling and Alioski all over the pitch. Bale had to be subbed and Son was positively gassed. As a result, their wings (unlike ours) were severe defensive liabilities.
Llorente - 8 - rock solid all game. Very little for Kane.
Struijk - 9 - Just outstanding. What else is there to say?
Alioski - 9 - Maybe his best game ever. I think he touched every blade of grass on the pitch.
Koch - 9 - A Kalvin-like performance. He and Klich dominated the midfield.
Klich - 9 - Back to his usual self. A joy to behold.
Roberts - 6 - Didn’t hurt us, which is about the best we can say
Dallas - 9 - Like Alioski, he was everywhere today.
Harrison - 8 - Dominated the first half, fell off a bit in the second.
Bamford - 8.5 - Another outstanding all-around performance.

Rodrigo - 7.5 - Very encouraging. He and Raphinha looked great together.
Raphinha - 7.5 - So great to see him back
Phillips - n/a

To a man, we ran them into the ground. We were better at almost every position.
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by Byebyegeegee »

Meslier - 8 Another excellent display, gives the defenders in front of him so much confidence.
Ayling - 7.5 Very solid from our Captain
Llorente - 7 Lost Kane a couple of times but decent overall
Struijk - 8.5 He’s big and imposing looks every bit the modern central defender
Alioski - 9.5 MoM one of best ever games in a Leeds shirt, ran Tottenham ragged - awesome
Koch - 9 Never put a foot wrong, looks like we are well covered for dmf
Klich - 8 Looked to have his mojo back today
Roberts - 7 Did reasonably well but again still has a bit to prove
Dallas - 9.5 What a player, what a man
Harrison - 8 Had Aurier on toast regularly in the 1st half a bit quieter in the 2nd. Needs to get his shooting boots sorted but overall an impressive display.
Bamford - 8 Took his goal beautifully - a real striker’s goal and ran his socks off again

Raphinha - So exciting when he gets the ball, great cameo
Rodrigo - Not a difficult chance for the goal but still finished with aplomb
Phillips - Late appearance but straight into his stride
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by 1964white »

Lets hope there are more ratings than of late as we actually spanked another ESL club this weekend.

No excuses guys & gals.
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by 1964white »

Anymore ratings?
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by 1964white »

8 Meslier
8 Ayling
9 Llorente
9 Struijk
9.5 Alioski :star: :gold: :star:
9 Koch
9 Dallas
9 Klich
6.5 Roberts
9 Harrison
8 Bamford
8 Raphinha
7 Rodrigo
Phillips (not applicable)

10 Bielsa (proved us wrong once again)
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs ***Only 5 posted their ratings after a superb performance***

Post by White Riot »

Meslier 8
Ayling 7
Llorente 8
Struijk 8
Alioski 9
Koch 9
Dallas 9
Klich 8
Roberts 6
Harrison 9
Bamford 8
Raphinha 8
Rodrigo 8
Phillips 8
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs ***Only 5 posted their ratings after a superb performance***

Post by MightyWhites »

Meslier 8
Ayling 7.5
Llorente 8
Struijk 8.5
Alioski 9
Koch 8.5
Dallas 9
Klich 8
Roberts 6.5
Harrison 8
Bamford 8
Raphinha 8
Rodrigo 8
Phillips N/A
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs ***Only 5 posted their ratings after a superb performance***

Post by herefordbornleedsboy »

Meslier - 8 Made some great saves especially in the second half and had that FK covered despite what pundits might have felt. Might have to fend off some serious interest in him this summer.

Ayling- 7 Looked solid and made some good progress down the right hand side.

Llorente- 8 Kept Kane quiet along with Struijk. Possibly could have been more decisive with the goal.

Struijk- 8 Apart from one wayward pass a very strong game. For me should be ahead of Coops in the pecking order. He is going to be some player.

Alioski- 9 What a great game. From the ridiculous (last week) to the sublime. Caused Aurier no end of trouble with those overlapping runs. Were the much vaunted Spurs front 4 on the pitch?. Kept us out of trouble and also started the move leading to the 3rd goal.

Koch- 8 Thought he couldn't play the Phillips role well? Great performance. Had a piledriver of a shot blocked as well. Going to be a fun jigsaw fitting our defensive pieces in when all fit.

Klich- 8 Wasteful with some of his shooting but looking back to close to his best. Tidy and got forward well.

Roberts- 6 Started off well but grew anonymous as the game went on. Good with the ball at his feet but frequently chooses the wrong option.

Dallas- 8 Is there anywhere he cant play? Reckon if you stuck him up front he'd do a job. Great anticipation for his goal. Got up and down well.

Harrison- 9 When he plays like this he is unplayable. Definitely worth the £10m we need to pay for him. Does need to work on his shooting though.

Bamford- 8 Got about well. Did a lot of donkey work and good movement for his goal. Unlucky not to finish with 2. Was chuffed when he scored can see it means a lot to him.

Raphinha- 8 In 30 mins showed what we have been missing. Great run for the assist. Bag of tricks.

Rodrigo- 7 Good finish. Going to be great with a pre season under his belt.

Phillips N/A although nice turn in his 5 mins and looked tidy and strong. Shoo in for the Euros.

Bielsa- 10 Showed faith in his charges and paid off.
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs ***Only 7 posted their ratings after a superb performance***

Post by Johnboy1965 »

Wow! What a difference a week makes. Same team but poles apart in quality and application from the Brighton game. A real team performance where everyone ( except Roberts !) contributed to what was a demolition of one of the big 6!

Meslier - 8 Didn't have much to do until a fantastic save in 70th minute- did everything that was asked of him.
Ayling -7 Didn't see much of him as an attacking force but generally had a decent game in defence. Lost Son for their goal but generally kept him quiet.
Llorente -8 Kept Kane fairly quiet had a good solid game at the back. Partnership with Struijk is blossoming.
Struijk - 8 See Llorente
Alioski - 9 Man of the match for me. Hardly gave Bale a kick who was eventually subbed. Had a hand in 2 of our 3 goals very good going forward and lively. Chalk and cheese to last week.
Koch - 8 Looking very comfortable now in that DM position. Good solid display from the German.
Dallas - 8 Along with Harrison the best of the bunch first half. Great instinct for his goal but faded in second half.
Klich - 8 Back to his best. Covered every blade of grass. Unlucky not to score in the second half with a curler from outside the box.
Roberts -6 Just not happening for Tyler. Looks a decent footballer but too often his decision making and finishing is lacking at this level.
Harrison - 8 Unplayable in first half. Delivery was excellent. Looked out of sorts in second half when stuck on the right, though should have done better with the couple of decent chances he had.
Bamford - 8 Took his goal well. Worked his socks off as ever. Some nice touches in and around the box. Linked up well with the midfield.
Raphinha - 7 Looked lively and unselfishly handed a sitter to Rodrigo when he could have had a go himself. Nice to see him get a few minutes under his belt following the injury suffered at the hands of the cheating Citeh cnut
Rodrigo - 7 Took his goal well. Hopefully will give him confidence going forward so we can finally get the best out of our record signing.
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs *** 7 posted their ratings after a superb performance***

Post by Cjay »

Meslier-7. . Made some decent saves, nothing that you wouldn't expect but he was solid.

Ayling-7 . .Did ok offensively generally without being spectacular. Defensively was ok but was at fault for the goal.

Llorente- 9. .Was immense, read the game brilliantly, was a real leader to saw him shouting and pointing.

Struijk-9 . .Very mature performance, he and Llorente are becoming a very decent partnership.

Ali-9.5 . He was absolutely immense, saw off Bale and Moura with relative ease and showed that he can be an immense left back at this level. Also his energy levels were exceptional and caused Spurs all sorts of problems on the overlap.

Koch- 8 . .Much better from Big Rob, read the game very well and provided the defensive solidarity we required. Perhaps not as good offensively as KP but imp better defensively.

Klich-8 . .Tireless, tidy and creative, back to his best, great to see. Takes up so many great positions, very intelligent player.

Roberts-6. . Just isnt happening, probably never will tbh. Looks ok at times on the ball, some decent touches and turns but no substance to him, when an intelligent pass is required or a creative moment, it didnt happen.

Harrison- 7.5 . .brilliant first half, caused all sorts of problems for Spurs down the left with Ali. Unlucky not to score. However 2nd half was poor, end product went to pot and could easily have been taken off.

Dallas- 8 . .Energetic and professional, did quite well on the wing without being spectacular, put in some decet crosses and gets a point for his goal. Showed great versatility moving into midfield.

Bamford-8. Took his goal well, some great movement throughout the game, made Dier look dire.

Raph-8. Took some smacks but popped back up, a great cameo full of defensive play and attacking play, deserved his assist.

Rodders-7 . .Much improved, worked hard and linked play well, deserved his goal.
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Re: Player Ratings v Spurs

Post by Lumiukko »

UPDATED with ratings:

Meslier - 7.5 - Some good saves and didn't do a whole lot wrong.

Ayling - 7 - Being generous a bit as we were up against one of the best front-lines in the PL, so was always going to be given the run-around. Lost his man for their goal, but did offer a lot going forward.

Llorente - 8.5 - Brilliant as usual with some great tackles and distribution. Entertains with his turns on the ball whilst being pressed. Great partnership forming with Struijk.

Struijk - 9 - My pick of the two CBs. Growing into a formidable player and has to be our first choice left-sided CB now. If he can iron out the one bad pass a game there'd be no faults at all.

Alioski - 9.5 - MOTM. Amazing shift both in defence and attack. Highly entertaining player and so much energy. Redeemed his penalty giveaway from last week.

Koch - 8 - I think with the minutes he's being getting we are now seeing Koch as an able deputy to KP in the DM role. Maybe doesn't offer as much attacking as KP (though that pass for Raphinha :love: ). However, he may offer more as a defender and also has height on his side. I can see some games next season with two DMs (KP and Koch).

Dallas - 8 - Excellent in all the positions he played today. Was pleasantly surprised just how good his wing play from the right was. Fine lash for his goal.

Klich - 8 - The Klich of old. Some excellent vision for his passes. When at his best he does a wonderful trick where he goes wide for the pass before a one touch layoff back into the midfield which has subsequently been filled by a runner. Often opens up play with this trick and I saw it for one of our goals in this game. Hoping that he's properly back now and this wasn't a one-off.

Roberts - 6.5 - Some beautiful first touches and turns on the ball, and seems to do all the hard work before failing with his pass. Was impressed with his first-half pressing, but he faded after halftime as is quite typical of Roberts.

Harrison - 9 - Could've got MOTM for me but pipped by Alioski because of Ali's defending. Was everywhere on Saturday and his crossing and passing were sublime. Shame he Row Z'd two shots as a goal would've capped a fine performance. I wonder if his poor shooting was because of coming in from the right...I noticed before he's not a left-foot curler of a shooter, but more laser-like which works better when coming in from the left?

Bamford - 8 - Happy to see Paddy back in the goals, especially in front of Southgate. Worked hard to create space for others and made Dier's game difficult.


Raphinha - 8 - Was excellent for his 30 minute cameo. Perfect timing by MB for the sub as it prevented Spuds from pushing too far forward as Rapha was always going to give them something to think about. Great unselfish layoff for Rodrigo.

Rodrigo - 7.5 - Gets a rating for doing what we wanted him to do, finding space, nice touches, burying the game. Lovely left-footed finish.

Phillips (not applicable) - So happy to see KP back.
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