Perspective IT Startup Niches in 2021

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News Article Perspective IT Startup Niches in 2021

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We are the inhabitants of the wonderful world of computers, where there appears to be no end to the modernization and advancement of technology. Although many argue over the fact that the more we are exposed to technology, the less effort we put into everyday tasks given that they are all automated now, such as; automatic washing machines, dough makers, microwaves, and of course, computers themselves. Even so, one cannot overlook the massive list of benefits that come along. Starting from educating us on the depth of science to introducing innovations that bring us security, knowledge, and entertainment. Computers have brought us the Internet, another amazing technology that connects people and provides endless entertainment using online games, even when it comes to gambling, with the web hosting online casinos and slot games such as the Aristocrat slots, and more.

Understanding of IT niches

Before we dwell on the specific topic itself, let us understand what the term niche refers to. In simple words, a niche is a category, which can be a group or position of a specific sort. For instance, if a person works as a writer, then the certain category he/she writes for, i.e. informative or narrative, is the niche. Similarly, an IT niche is a certain category within the giant IT market. It can be artificial intelligence technology, virtual communications, cyber risks and security, the world of virtual reality, and the list is endless.

2021 And Its IT Startup Niches

The year 2021 will certainly go down as an important one in history, given that it brings in the vaccines to the deadliest virus that has taken millions of lives worldwide. People welcomed this year with new hopes, and new dreams as every day outside tasks appear to reopen gradually. The computer world too does not hold back and has promised its fan base some mind-blowing technology updates and innovations. More and more people with IT knowledge are compiling their ideas and establishing new startups. That said, here are the perspective IT startup niches of this year:

  • Virtual Reality – Although the concept of living in simulations has been around for long, it was not until recently that it became easily accessible to the general crowd. With gaming console companies such as the PlayStation and Xbox introducing the feature of virtually entering the world of your favorite fantasy game, it is quite obvious that many other companies may be working to bring in their startup in the VR niche.
  • Cyber Security – As the technologies head towards massive changes and development updates, it brings along increased security risks. The more information we let go over the Internet, the more the risk of compromises and breaches. This is why several companies have promised advanced methods of keeping our online data secure with their startups, thus, making this another common niche this year.
  • Online Education – If anything, the current perspective has taught us to use the online alternatives of everything, ranging from work, entertainment, and even education. Almost every educational institute launched classes online over platforms such as Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom. Since these apps were widely successful, there is certainly more working in this certain niche, with companies working on more apps to facilitate students all over the world.
  • Health and Safety – As COVID struck globally, it affected many, resulting in the loss of lives of people of all ages, and many others left with weak internal organs after having fought the deadly disease. This drastic emergency called for quick medical responses. There are now devices and software to track the patient statuses, store their health history records and provide them with as much care as virtually possible. Thus, companies in the healthcare sector are working to bring about more methods to save lives and look after people as they are locked within their homes.
  • Gaming and Entertainment – One may not specifically call this an IT niche, but given that our games and modes of attaining entertainment these days are solely computer-based, it does appear under the IT sector. Even gambling has now switched online, making sure that the fans are not left saddened over the closure of casinos worldwide. One can now enjoy online poker, as well as slot games with enhanced VR and AR features, that make the entire gaming experience highly innovative, interactive, and of course, secure. This fact has encouraged multiple other companies and casinos to establish startups and provide the fans with more entertainment.

Know The Risks In The Online World

As luxurious as the online world is, it also exposes us to numerous threats and security risks, especially when it comes to our data and finance details. It is not too technical to learn hacking these days, given that the Internet holds the knowledge and guide to almost everything one could think of. Besides, every new technology comes with a loophole. Facebook, for instance, ensures users of utmost security by providing unique usernames and passwords to all its users, yet, over the years, there have been countless cases of profiles being hacked, identities stolen, and personal information leaked. So is the case with every other social media platform, which has also noticed the hacking of certain widely recognized accounts, i.e. celebrities and giant firms.

There have also been reported cases of stolen credit card details, or breaches into confidential data of recognized companies, all of which eventually lead to huge losses of money, fame, and trust.

Ensuring Online Security

It is common, and justified to be paranoid when one is over the Internet, with the fear of being exposed, or having our details fall into the wrong hands. However, every problem has its solution, and so do all these cyber threats. The first and foremost tip for ensuring maximum security is to install anti-virus software into their digital devices that are designed to warn us against any threats or viruses that enter. Other than that, it is nearly impossible to keep our personal information hidden, given that the majority of the work these days is online, thus, it is vital to ensure that we only give out these details to authentic and verified places.
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