Jack Harrison and Leeds United: What Are the Midfielder's Plans for the Future?

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Jack Harrison and Leeds United: What Are the Midfielder's Plans for the Future?

Post by YorkshireSquare » Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:03 am

Everyone knows Jack Harisson. It’s not uncommon for the fans to follow his professional career as well as personal plans, thirsting for interesting pieces of wisdom and trivia they can come across. Today, we’ll be looking at a couple of interesting details he has decided to share with us, as well as examine a couple of hints regarding his future that he left behind.

First, let’s begin with his observations regarding managers and their style. In a recent quote you can read by visiting the Daily Mail, he expressed his interest in Marcelo Bielsa and his way of doing things, wondering how it’s all going to work out of him in the Premier League.

If you’re following what Leeds United are up to, you’ll know that Wednesday was a big day for the team. Harrison shot the ball right into the net, scoring his team a nice 1-0 victory. Still, some fans might not find that to be a comfortable-enough advantage, even though Leeds United clearly took it home, fair and square. Admittedly, Harrison managed to score that one right when the game was about one hour in progress, shifting the crazy nail biter of a match in favor of his team.

Speaking of Leeds United, how far have they come? According to the official statistics and fixtures, they only have 4 games ahead of them. For the very first time in the last 15 years, they are on the verge of being promoted right back to the Premier League, a place well deserved if they can back it up by showing nothing else than their A-game.

The fans now love Harrison even more; after Saturday’s game, he has become nothing but a hero. Having toughed it out for the Manchester City loanee, in the 33 games that he has under his belt, he scored as much as four goals and landed two assists.

But what does the future have in store for our beloved 22-year-old hero? Well, it appears there is only a matter of weeks before his adventures will lead him to Manchester City. But looking at the comments that he left in the media recently, his future is still not completely carved out for him. Judging from his own words, he loves Leeds United very much and sees himself being a part of the team well beyond the current times, hoping they will play together in the Premier League.

Commenting on Bielsa’s teachings, he made an interesting remark that his style cannot be compared with what was visible to the naked eye in the Championship. He is, indeed, very excited to find out how this will turn out to be in the Premier League. Will his style lead to flawless victory or will it lead the team to a certain demise?

Judging from his words, Harrison compared their playing style with the way he sees the rest of the Championship teams performing. In other words, his side-by-side comparison suggests they are playing quite unlike the rest of the cast. It goes without saying that – as they make their way to the Premier League – the bar for good performance will be set that much higher. Therefore, wondering whether the team’s current style of play will stand the test of time is a legitimate question that comes to mind.

Undoubtedly, Harrison has already set his eyes on the next season, which he’d very much like to be a part of. At this point in time, however, it’s not entirely clear whether Leeds United would like to welcome him back. Describing his relationship with the team, it’s worth noting he often refers to them by using the word ‘we’, suggesting that his future plans certainly include Leeds United in one form or another.

As for playing the game itself, it’s likely we will see more of Bielsa’s distinct style being put into practice in the seasons to come. Certain fans and industry experts, however, have noted that while he was certainly able to display moments of pure virtuosity during his sports career, he somehow lacks the consistency to pull it off over the long haul. But in the end, only time will tell whether he has the goods to be fit enough for the strict demands of the Premier League.

One thing is for sure – he is young and if he plays his cards right, he definitely has what it takes to make it big. The goal he scored on Wednesday certainly speaks in his favor, as it’s the kind of push his team was starving for in the circumstances surrounding them right now. So for the fans who want to show their support for the Leeds United and their talented cast, there are new betting sites popping up all the time, graciously waiting for you to place a bet on the strongest performers (or the ones you believe will turn the tides when hardly anyone would expect it to happen).

So if you love it, place a bet on it! It’s not uncommon for the underdogs to show what they’re truly made of. In the end, even the rising stars have started their journey from the very bottom of the barrel in their youngest years.
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